Emanuel and the Fear - Primitive Smile (LP)

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Emanuel and the Fear - Primitive Smile (LP)


[12" LP]

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Primitive Smile - Emanuel and the Fear

Released September 23, 2016

1. Some May Fall Asleep

2. State of Violet

3. Holding On

4. I Believe

5. Lately

6. Meredith

7. Sheffield

8. The Unwinding (Sparrow Song)

9. I Would Love to be Forgotten

10. Goodbye

Brooklyn-based Emanuel and the Fear is a collective of musicians with backgrounds in contemporary classical, metal, jazz, and folk music, all who happen to play rock music. The Guardian has described them as "like Rachel's wigging out to Zeppelin while in the background Steve Albini tickles Michael Nyman into submission . . . [with] enough orchestral synthesis to make ELO blush". And Vice Magazine says "tons of acts play this kind of Indie-Pop-Classical mix, but Emanuel and the Fear do it better".