Spritzer - Don't Die, Kill Me

Spritzer - Don't Die, Kill Me



Spritzer is a Brooklyn based started by me, Matt Meade, one of the founders and principal songwriter of 'Friend Roulette'.  I write a lot of different music and found that some of it was bit to straight forward and conventional for FR, thus came Spritzer. This band is my excuse to make music with some of my amazing friends and musicians. 

The band was really born after Christmas 2015 when I was offered some recording time from my buddy.  We recorded the songs “Melt” & “don’t die, kill me.”  I really had no idea really what to do with it, but the amazing people at Paper Garden Records liked it and wanted to put it out on a 7” vinyl . . . Woo hoo! First recordings on vinyl? So cool.  Since then we’ve been recording and performing everywhere from Rough Trade NYC to a Burning Man Boat.  

The new songs we recorded involve a lot of different compositional methods I wanted to try out.  It’s the first time I’ve written music about fictional characters & focused some of the sound on the books I was reading at the time. Musically, I tried to make chromaticism sound as accessible as possible all the while focusing on some Top 40 pop tricks I heard on the radio. We used a great amount of old analog synths, keyboards, and amplifiers. I even added a horn section for a bit of a retro vibe I was craving. 

I hope you have as good of a time listening to our songs as we have had making them. Consequence of sound called it "A bold and expansive outing, and one that shows just how far Meade is willing to take his musical whims". I agree, and am very flattered by that. 


Matt & spritzer