The City and Horses - We Will Never Be Discovered (mp3)


The City and Horses - We Will Never Be Discovered (mp3)

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We Will Never Be Discovered - The City and Horses

Released on September 27, 2011

1. We Will Never Be Discovered

2. This Is Manhattan

3. War Paint

4. The Company, Inc

5. May I Love Someone Soon

6. With His Pen

7. Nights Like These

8. Dum Dee Dum

9. The Tallest Man in the World

10. We've Said It Before

The City and Horses are out to get you. To get you feeling better about your breakups, screw-ups and photos needing touchups. Following in the footsteps of melodic mopers before them, TCAH make music for the disaffected. Frontman Marc Cantone, who works as a children’s television producer by day, writes idiosyncratic songs that are fresh, familiar and all about the funk (emotional or otherwise).  And the emotional funk is a key aspect of the band.  Having spent his adult life in the throes of OCD, Marc has become a dedicated and vocal supporter of mental health rights and issues.