Peasant - On The Ground (mp3)


Peasant - On The Ground (mp3)

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On The Ground - Peasant

Released on January 27, 2009

1. The Wind

2. Fine Is Fine

3. Stop for Her

4. We're Good

5. Raise Today

6. Exposure

7. Those Days

8. On the Ground

9. Missing All You Were

10. Birds

11. Not Your Saviour

12. You Don't Know

13. Impeccable Manners

Peasant is just another face in the crowd. Smiling and singing, crying and swaying, trying and failing. Born in Elizabeth, NJ in 1985, raised in Doylestown, PA. The man, the original Peasant cut his teeth DiY touring the US and Europe, releasing a few acclaimed indie albums along the way + cutting a swathe of hearts at great personal expense.