Little Tybee - Humorous to Bees (mp3)


Little Tybee - Humorous to Bees (mp3)

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Humorous to Bees - Little Tybee

Released on April 4, 2011

1. Humorous to Bees

2. Strong Ears

3. Design

4. Passion Seekers

5. Signal Below

6. Nero

7. Revolutionary

8. Sympathetic Eye

9. History

10. The Will Blow You Love

11. In Range

12. Holding Stones

The bulk of the Little Tybee’s compositions begin their life as delicate creations, etched around the sinewy acoustic guitar and lilting vocals of singer songwriter and band leader Brock Scott. The songs are then fleshed out by the eight-string guitar virtuoso Josh Martin (endorsed by Ibanez & Dunlop), the classical flare of Nirvana Kelly’s violin, the deep pocket grooves of Ryan Donald’s hook-laden bass and Pat Brook’s gospel tinged beats, all rounded out by Chris Case’s driving keyboard arrangements. The result is kinetic and eclectic, an album which is both soothing and bombastic, and which rewards repeat listens. By blending elements of Folk, Psych, Jazz, and Bossa, Little Tybee have created a genre all their own, both creative and technical, with a keen ear for melody and accessibility.