Color Collage - Pieced Together (CD)

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Color Collage - Pieced Together (CD)


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Pieced Together - Color Collage

Released August 7, 2015

1. That's All She Wrote

2. Shareholder

3. Faberge

4. 2048

5. Can't Stay Put

6. Rerun

7. Last Night in Town

8. By and By

9. The End is Pretend

10. Crisis Actor

11. Dogwood

Color Collage started as a side project for Shane Conerty while living in Asheville, North Carolina playing in a touring band called Now You See Them in late 2010. After NYST was put on hiatus, Conerty relocated back to Brooklyn where he currently resides. The project was initially based on sampling mp3's of brand new indie music that Conerty found on blogs and making unique, original remixes of them. After two well received mixtapes, the music of Color Collage (Formerly Leann Grimes) is once again shifting gears. The current focus of the project is taking the indie pop songwriting aspects of Now You See Them and applying them to the mid-fi, dusty electronic sound of Color Collage. The result is something that Conerty is currently describing as "Electronic Doo Wop", and is a fresh sound that is unlike anything floating around at the moment.