Hnry Flwr - Flowerama (mp3)

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Hnry Flwr - Flowerama (mp3)



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Flowerama - Hnry Flwr

Released June 16, 2017

1. Stranger (When I'm Done)

2. As Above, so Below

3. Little Brother 

4. Down, in Carolina

5. Context (Trans-Pecos, on a Full Moon, On a Monday)

HNRY FLWR is the creator of The Message. In 2014 HNRY FLWR began mixing different length sound waves using ancient synthesizers and a team of musical experts to create a type of music that is 100% earnest. Before this Method of sound control, music was an insincere endeavor solely energized by a pure form of propulsion known as Narcissism.

The HNRY FLWR B(r)and was discovered and founded by Hugh "Blaze" Boylan of Blaze B. Mgmt.