Giacomo Fiore - My Heart Comes Undone/Because (mp3)


Giacomo Fiore - My Heart Comes Undone/Because (mp3)




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My Heart Comes Undone/Because EP - Giacomo Fiore

Released September 29, 2017

1. My Heart Comes Undone
Composed by Judah Adashi
Performed by Giacomo Fiore

2. Because
Composed by Lennon-McCartney
Performed by Giacomo Fiore

"Both pieces on the EP feature some elements of layering and repetition; they are also both more or less directly related to popular songs. My Heart Comes Undone (composed by Judah Adashi) is inspired by and quotes from Bjork's "Unravel," and consists of repeated, yet ever-changing phrases in four voices. My own arrangement of the Beatles' "Because" was recorded in real time using multiple looping pedals, and explores different kind of looping techniques in addition to highlighting the sublime "layered" vocal harmonies of the original." - Giacomo Fiore

Recorded by Alberto Hernandez at Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, CA)

Edited and Mixed by Lanier Sammons

Mastered by Piper Payne/Coast Mastering

Co-Produced by Giacomo Fiore and Lanier Sammons


"My Heart Comes Undone" composed by Judah Adashi.

"Because" composed by Lennon-McCartney; arranged by Giacomo Fiore; recorded live with real-time looping, no overdubs.


Artwork by Gretchen Harwood

Guitar: Stephen Marchione Cedar Solidbody

Effects: Paul Trombetta, Montreal Assembly, Lehle, Strymon, Pigtronix

Amps: 1961 Fender Pro; 1964 Fender Princeton (6G2); 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb