Emmanuel and the Fear - Listen (mp3)


Emmanuel and the Fear - Listen (mp3)

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Listen - Emanuel and the Fear

Released on March 9, 2010

1. The Introduction

2. Guatemala

3. Ariel and the River

4. Jimme's Song (Full Band Version)

5. Duckies

6. Free Life

7. Dear Friend

8. Yo, Jamin

9. Trucker Lovesong

10. Balcony

11. Whatever You Do

12. Bridges and Ladies

13. The Raimin

14. Same Way

15. Simple Eyes

16. Song for a Girl

17. The Finale

18. Look Ma, the Walls are Moving!

19. Razzmatazz

Brooklyn-based Emanuel and the Fear is a collective of musicians with backgrounds in contemporary classical, metal, jazz, and folk music, all who happen to play rock music. The Guardian has described them as "like Rachel's wigging out to Zeppelin while in the background Steve Albini tickles Michael Nyman into submission . . . [with] enough orchestral synthesis to make ELO blush". And Vice Magazine says "tons of acts play this kind of Indie-Pop-Classical mix, but Emanuel and the Fear do it better".