In late August of 2014, a couple of people from the Brooklyn-based company INDMusic invited Sabila Sabila to perform a tune as part of their Great Outdoors Series with Daily Motion. While sitting around a campfire under the moon, they filmed her playing ‘Settle In’ and it seemed clear to everyone present that they had just heard a magical new song.  That very night she was offered a record deal with the boutique label Paper Garden Records and agreed the following week to release a series of singles that had been glowing in her pockets for years.  ‘Settle In’ is the first of these luminous folk tunes.

On October 8, 2014 Sabila Sabila released her first single ‘Settle In.’Playful, penetrating lyrics, washed out, sparkling electric guitar lines, warm, inviting vocals, and a thumping bass drum make ‘Settle In’ an inviting and deeply entrancing song.  There is an intimacy and a mystical quality to the song as if she’s both whispering in the audience’s  ears and sending listeners comfortably floating through space.

The second single, ‘Stars Under My Skin,’ is an uplifting yet soothing track that reminds the listener of the transformative state of happiness, of love not only for another, but for existence. Riding across the Brooklyn Bridge, SABILA SABILA narrates her story, accompanied by a tender slide guitar and gentle strumming of her acoustic guitar . A country song for the city folk and a unique sound all her own that brings to mind Bon Iver, Mazzy Star, Sharon Van Etten, and Devandra Banhart.