Pree - Folly

Pree - Rima




Pree’s unique and lyrically driven experimental imaginings serve up a rare and colorful cocktail of style and substance within an irresistible pop realm.

After returning to DC following several months of touring in 2011 & 2012, the members of Pree took time to reorient themselves, and with the sudden halt of motion came reexamination of the self and of relationships.

The songs in RIMA (which takes its name from geologic fissures on the Moon) are a series of confrontations–perceptions enhanced and at times distorted by the narrator’s own fractured understanding of others.  They are sent off as an outpouring of letters, often born out of the perilous self-trap of expectation whose imposing jaws, once set upon others, are only capable of ensnaring disappointment and heartbreak.  They reveal truths at the price of a harsh light, exposing wide expanses between people who have spent time enough apart to approach each other with an air of near-scientific objectivity.  Other expanses, more narrow and still tender, can take the form of defensive trenches or a reason to raise one’s voice to a figure not yet out of reach.  Whether the gaps have taken a lifetime to develop or appear abruptly and perhaps as a form of self-infliction, the letters in Rima remain unanswered, prompting the sender to draw her own conclusions.  The album is a study in these divergences of personal relationships and how the narrator copes with their implications as she seeks to define herself and determine what to leave behind, and what is worth hanging onto.